• Jumping back into school

    As the dog days of summer draw to an end, kids across the country are dragging themselves back to school only to find they aren’t as sharp as they were when school let out in May. Not the 1,300 kids across central Oklahoma who attended the YMCA's Summer Camp Program!

    “When the kids leave school, they suffer from summer learning loss,” says Candice Hillenbrand, Associate Director of Financial Development for the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City. “Our goal was to keep them reading daily all summer long and to make sure they were getting plenty of exercise… and to make it fun!”

     YMCA Summer Camp

    The YMCA challenged their summer camp kids and families to be a part of the Sugar-Free Summer Program. The program encouraged kids to read, exercise and drink adequate amounts of water while at the summer camps. “Every child had the opportunity to participate,” Candice said. “They signed a pledge at the beginning of summer and then received an official postcard in the mail.”

    The campers worked with the counselors on math skills and nutrition lessons as well as group activities that kept them on track. As the groups reached specific benchmarks, they were given rewards like jump ropesbookmarks and backpacks featuring the YMCA logo. And, at the end of the program, the campers received a YMCA dog tag.

    “We’ve seen how the kids love these simple things,” said Candice, “and it helps to encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It’s a small part of a bigger picture for the Y.”

    The YMCA plays an important role in helping kids and parents think about exercise, reading and interpersonal skills. The SwagExperts at ROBYN are proud to play a part in finding creative ways for the YMCA to reinforce their fantastic brand.

  • How Safety Got Its Swagger

    “Rise early, work hard, strike oil.”

    That’s what J. Paul Getty, founder of Getty Oil, said was his formula for success. It’s hard to argue with that. Heck, it made him a billionaire. Today, oil producers focus on more than just profits, though. They are focused on safety.

    “Safety is more prominent than ever in our culture,” says Brad Minick, Operations Manager for Nomac Drilling, LLC. “While it can save the company money, the main thing is that we care about our people. We want our guys to go home to their families.” And, Nomac is going all out  to encourage and celebrate safety on their rigs.

    Rig 11 crew

    Recently, Rig 11 achieved a new milestone. “They went six years without a Recordable,” said Brad. “That’s the best record Nomac has ever had.” According to OSHA guidelines, a “recordable” is any injury that causes medical treatment beyond first aid, including death. Six years without any missed days due to injury in your office might not be a big deal, but when an oil rig crew goes that long, it’s cause for a celebration!

    Rig 11 celebration

    To get the party started, Nomac treated the crew and their families to a special dinner at the world-renowned Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Oklahoma City’s historical Stockyards City. After a few words from Nomac’s president, Jay Minmier, and other senior managers, the company took the opportunity to show the crew how important safety is to them.

    “The guys received bonus checks based on their years of service, but they also got all kinds of cool gear like camping chairs and speakers,” said Brad. “They love that kind of stuff and respond really well to it.”

    Nomac Safety Rewards

    The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) specialists at Nomac worked with the SwagExperts at ROBYN to develop an employee recognition program filled with an incredible assortment of branded gear to give to the crew as a token of the company’s appreciation. From caps and jackets to Bluetooth speakers and camping chairs, there was something for everyone.

    Studies show that companies with a “recognition-rich culture” have a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate. Keeping good employees on the job keeps the work environment running smoothly. While we can’t guarantee to keep your office accident free for six years like Nomac’s Rig 11, working with ROBYN to develop an employee recognition program is certainly a step in the right direction. Give us a shout. Let’s work together to fuel your profits!

  • Do You Wanna’ Build a Snow… Cone?

    Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf… It’s hard to get much better marketing partners than the stars of Disney’s record-setting animated film, Frozen. The savvy marketers at City National Bank and Trust set records of their own when they opted to sponsor the screening of Frozen for the City of Lawton’s “Movie in the Park”.

    “The Parks & Recreation Department hosts the movies in the park every few weeks during early summer and in the fall,” said Krystal Johnson, Marketing Specialist. “We usually sponsor one during each season, but we’ve never seen anything like this!”

    Frozen movie in the park

    While attendance for the movies is typically around 250, the event planners expected this movie to attract 1,000 attendees. Surprise, surprise… Over 3,000 people came to enjoy the free movie on a beautiful summer evening. “We had no idea it would be this popular,” Krystal said. “It tripled the previous record!”

    Being involved in the community by sponsoring a movie like Frozen is a great strategy for gaining name recognition. Serving free snow cones in branded glow-in-the-dark cups from ROBYN was pure genius. “We’ve done snow cones at events in the past and it’s always a hit, “ said Krystal. “When we cleaned up at the end of the night, we only found one cup left behind.” Now, that’s the sign of great swag!

    Glow-in-the-dark cups

    City National Bank also provided face painting for the kids and brought in two dance troupes to entertain the crowd before sunset. “Everything about this event was focused on families and people really appreciated it,” said Krystal.

    The marketing team developed a multi-faceted  campaign to promote the event that included  flyers for students at all the local elementary schools to take home just days before school let out for summer, banners and flyers in the local bank branches and promotions on several different social media channels. Plus, they held a bicycle give-away contest with the winner being announced just before the movie started.

    Not only did City National Bank earn a great deal of name recognition for sponsoring such a popular movie, but they also created thousands of family memories that will always be remembered… and their brand was a part of it.

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