• Streamlining The Check-Out Process

    Often times, the marketing department needs to ship the same marketing materials to multiple offices. ROBYN’s Company Store Solution can expedite the process of shipping the same items (branded gear, literature or sales materials) to multiple locations with the Save Favorite button.

    Step 1 - Select the products that comprise this order

    company store shopping cart


    Step 2 - Check Out

    Step 3 - Save and Name this order

    company store save favorite order

    Now that this order (Q2 Promotion, in this case) is saved, shipping it to another location is a breeze. Your Favorite Orders are saved under your account. Simply click Repeat Order and choose where it needs to go. That's it!

    Repeat Order Button

    Make it easy to get the right branded products to the right people at the right time.



  • A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

    When it comes to describing the multitude of scenic options available to filmmakers in Oklahoma, the conversation starts with 7,000 words… and they are beautiful!

    custom branded viewmaster  

    “Our goal is to grow and support the film and music industries in Oklahoma,” said Lindsey Flowers from the Oklahoma Film + Music Office. “We are always looking for new ways to showcase the diverse locations for filming in Oklahoma.” What better way than with a cool retro 3D slide viewer (remember ViewMaster™?!) featuring hi-resolution images of Oklahoma locations?

    “This really is the perfect item for us,” explained Lindsey. “We are a division of the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation. We support events and festivals around the state as well as manage our state film incentives.” To meet this goal, representatives also attend international events such as the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW to meet filmmakers and share information about filming in Oklahoma.


    The Film + Music office hosted a reception at Sundance where several of the branded viewers (featuring the new logo!) were passed around. “We gave them to key people at the reception,” Lindsey said, “but lots of people looked at them.” And that’s the idea… Getting the film industry to look at Oklahoma!

    “We are one of the top 3 states offering incentives in the US with a 35% cash rebate for qualifying expenditures for films” said Lindsey. “And, an extra 2% (total 37% rebate) for projects using music recorded in Oklahoma by an Oklahoma artist.”

    Oklahoma Film + Music 

    As their name implies, the Film + Music office doesn’t just focus on film. Music is very much an important part of the scene. This year, they launched the Oklahoma Music Trail: Rhythm & Roots. As part of, this website is chock full of information about music in Oklahoma, from photo archives to trivia games to history by genre. Plus, there are travel itineraries to see the stomping grounds of Oklahoma music legends such as Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, the Kings of Leon, JJ Cale and the Flaming Lips.

    The Film + Music website also features the official statewide directory for talent, crew and support personnel as well as a schedule of what is being filmed within the state. “We want to be the resource for filmmakers and musicians!"

    It's time to see what YOU can do!


    We've been hearing A LOT of buzz about the "magic snow" cards we sent out recently. These are, by far, the best way to play in the snow... right on your desktop! Did you get one? Show us!

    Didn't get one? Well, now's your chance! Get your's before they're gone!

  • Creating a Company Store with Swagger!

    Company Stores are a powerful mechanism to allow the promotional medium to do what it does best:

    • celebrate special moments
    • surprise your internal (or external audience)
    • reward performance,
    • Recognize business milestones
    • celebrate anniversaries
    • perpetuate the strength of your brand
    • develop brand ambassadors
    • incentivize your team
    • trigger sales

     And, most importantly, to do so in a way that alleviates your administrative burden so that you can focus on other objectives. We call this the Art of Surprise and Delight. The promotional products (or ‘swag’) medium is a ‘make-things-happen-medium’ and the store allows you do to this effortlessly.


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