• Customer Service for Your Company Store

    Customer Service. These words mean different things to each company depending upon its industry, customer base, etc. Our friend, Seth Godin, recently published an insightful blog post about what customer service is (or isn’t).

    When it comes to serving your team through your company store, ROBYN has taken a cue from the most successful B2C retail sites…

    Customer Service on Your Company Store Counts!
    Infographic courtesy of Koepel Direct

    Online Support

    One of the newest features of ROBYN’s Company Store Solution involves providing users the support they need, from whichever page they are visiting. By clicking the arrow on the side of the page, they are presented with the most popular questions asked by other visitors to the site (and the corresponding answers, of course!).


    Crowd-sourcing answers in this way not only shows what other users are asking, but it also gives the store administrators insights to how the store could be more efficient by addressing frequently asked questions.

    Another incredibly useful tool for users is to be able to ask a question about a specific item or description by dragging and dropping the “?” icon onto an image or block of text.


    When an answer already exists for a spot, the user can click to see it. If no one else has asked a particular question, the user is prompted to be the first to ask. This submission is sent directly to a ROBYN Customer Service professional. When the question is answered, the user is emailed the answer and it is updated on the store.

    Sometimes, visitors want to submit a question directly to customer service, which can be done through a simple email link.

    contact customer service 

    Offline Support

    Having online support available 24/7/365 can be incredibly useful, but for some store visitors, being able to speak directly to a Customer Service professional is the optimal path to resolution. The ROBYN Company Store Solution includes dedicated email accounts and toll-free phone numbers that go directly to a Customer Service professional (who answers the phone with your company name).

    You’re online company store is designed to make managing your marketing materials simple. It should also be easy for your team to use. A key piece to that is providing them with the support they need. As Seth Godin says:

    "Customer service, like everything an effective organization does, changes people. Announce the change you seek, then invest appropriately in a system that is likely to actually produce the outcomes you just said you wanted.

    Make promises and keep them."

    Seth Godin Action Figure

  • Giving You Control: Managing Users of Your Company Store

    A company store is all about giving you control… of your brand, of your marketing collateral, of your inventory and of your budget. Perhaps even more important, however, is the ability for you to manage who uses your store and how they can use it. The ROBYN Company Store Solution gives you options to customize how you manage your users.

    Simple and Effective

    Sometimes, simplicity meets the required goals. For MidFirst Bank, the administrator simply enters the person’s name and assigns them to a purchasing group. Since every employee uses the same naming format for individual’s email addresses, the company store automatically fills in this detail and emails the log-in information to the user.

    user management

    Spending Accounts and Types of Users

    Often times, companies require a little more control for each user. For instance, on the GTE Financial company store, the administrator also has the authority to adjust a user’s spending account. This is a critical feature for GTE as they require each employee to wear branded apparel and give employees a budget each year to purchase these items. The administrator also has the ability to assign each user to specific groups for internal accounting purposes.

     manage spending groups 

    Custom Applications

    Some companies need a custom interface to match their corporate identity. Express Employment Professionals, for example, has over 600 franchises across North America. With so many independent operations going, it’s imperative that Express maintains strict branding guidelines… and their company store helps.

    When a franchisee wants to add a new user, the administrator from that location simply fills out a form on the store. A custom information field is used for the franchise number which identifies specific programs used by this franchise. The store will only accept an “” email address for the new user, so once the account is set-up, the log-in information is emailed to the new user.

    custom user management 

    Single Sign On (SSO)

    By working with the IT department, a ROBYN Company Store can become an extension of your company’s intranet. When a user logs in to the company portal, they are automatically connected to the company store.

    One of the biggest advantages of this type of access is that you have complete control over who sees your company store at all times. If a user is deactivated from the company portal, their access to the company store is deactivated as well. And, there is no public-facing store for anyone to stumble across. The only way to enter the store is through the company portal. This is the epitome of control over your users!

    Whatever your requirements, ROBYN Promotions can develop a custom solution to meet your needs. Contact us now to schedule a tour of our live stores to see what is possible!

  • Mobile-Friendly Company Stores

    Experts project eCommerce sales will exceed $400 Billion by 2018. What does that mean to you and your online company store? We have found with our company store clients that the technologies that make B2C stores more user-friendly are the same features users want to see when they visit the company store.

    Take, for instance, stores that are responsive or mobile-friendly. This convenience is critical!

    Mobile friendly company stores
    Infographic courtesy of Koepel Direct

    Having a company store that is mobile friendly means much more than simply being displayed on a mobile device. It means having a responsive design that is optimized for the smaller screen. The Art of Manliness store is a great example of how this works.

    This is the home page on a computer:

    company store custom design 

    Here is how that same page loads on the iPhone 6:

    company store responsive design 

    This type of functionality goes far beyond simple navigation, though. Even the way product pages work is different between the computer and mobile screens.

    company store products   

    By tapping the image, a larger (Light Box) version of the image pops up. On the mobile device, the information below the image is still able to be scrolled.

    mobile friendly product page 

    Your employees are already accustomed to ordering products online and many of them are doing it with their mobile devices. Building a company store with the same types of features they see in the B2C world is a smart way to encourage them to use your company store.

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