• Together We Advance

    Credit unions are known for their focus on communities (and the fact that they have “members”, not customers!), so it's a great achievement  for the FAA Credit Union to be recognized by the Cornerstone Credit Union League for their work within the Hispanic community. They have earned a very special designation: Juntos Avanzamos (“Together We Advance”). And, it's even sweeter since they are the first credit union in Oklahoma to be honored in this way!

    “I think this helps to instill trust in our brand,” says Rachel Klein, Marketing Director. “We really do live our mantra:  Serve. Empower. Enrich.”

    Custom coins to commemorate a huge honor     Branded candy dish with custom ribbon - Nice Touch!

    This special honor  means the credit union has met a list of requirements, from offering specific services to community involvement to having bi-lingual staff members (all the Capital Hill branch employees are bi-lingual).  “This designation helps to amplify our commitment to serve this community,” Rachel said.

    A ceremony was held to officially recognize the honor, complete with a proclamation, members from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and representatives from the league to raise the Juntos Avanzamos flag over the branch of the credit union. But this was just the beginning!

    “We had a great day!” Rachel exclaimed. “It was truly a day of the community coming together, from the Member Appreciation lunch (featuring Big Truck Tacos!) to the ceremony to the raising of the flag. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we were happy to be a part of it.”

    As if that’s not enough, the credit union also held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the expansion of the branch. “We’re expanding. We’re continuing to push forward to meet our members’ needs,” Rachel said.

    The marketing team from FAA Credit Union met with the SwagExperts from ROBYN to create some special ways to commemorate the big day. A custom coin was designed to showcase the colorful Juntos Avanzamos logo on one side and a stamped FAA Credit Union logo on the other side, presented in a branded velvet pouch. “The coins were a hit,” said Rachel. “From our top brass to members of the community, everyone loved the coins.”

    Celebrating special moments with your team and those you serve is an effective way to build trust in your brand, both internally and externally. Smart marketers in financial services recognize the value of this. ROBYN works with companies in many industries to develop programs to Surprise & Delight their audience. How can we help you?

  • OKC-ing is Believing

    Every brand evolves over time and a city is no different. “Oklahoma City has changed so much in the last few years,” says Tabbi Burwell, Communications Manager for the city’s Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. “It was time to update our branding to reflect who we are today.”

    Working with Ackerman McQueen, the OKC CVB spent months developing a new, creative image to reflect how Oklahoma City has become a premier travel destination for both business and leisure. “After seeing the research, we realized people love OKC after they come and experience  how much there is to see and do here,” Tabbi said. From this, a tagline was born… “OKC-ing is Believing”.

    There is so much to see in Oklahoma City. From the Devon Tower that erupts from the center of downtown to the unique districts emerging across town, the city has become a visual cornucopia. One of the most iconic structures is the new Skydance Bridge that crosses I-40, near the heart of the city. A tribute to the state bird, the Scissortail Flycatcher, the sculpture resembles the letter “K”, making it the perfect focal point for the new logo.

    New OKC CVB logo 

    Before introducing the revitalized brand to the public, the OKC CVB marketing team wanted to give their industry the first look… and they wanted to do it in style, starting with the invitation to a launch party at Vast (one of OKC’s premier restaurants located on the 50th floor of the Devon Tower with a commanding view of the city).

    “We turned to ROBYN and asked ‘What can we do that’s really cool?’" said Tabbi. Playing on the #SeeOKC component of the campaign, the SwagExperts developed an invitation that featured the Oklahoma City skyline printed on the lenses of sunglasses with the new hashtag imprinted on one arm of the shades. The sunglasses were sent in clear mailing tubes with an invitation designed in-house by the OKC CVB.custom imprinted sunglass lensesOKC CVB Custom Invitations

     “We started seeing pictures on Instagram and Twitter immediately,” said Tabbi. “We had been using the hashtag #VisitOKC, but no one else was. The new #SeeOKC has already taken off and it fits all the different things we’re doing much better.”

    The launch party was a tremendous success. Over 150 professionals from local businesses and media celebrated a city on the rise and the new look of the OKC CVB. “The hashtag blew up on social media the night of the event!” Tabbi said. “People were raving about the new logo and the cool swag.”

    “We want to stay engaged with our local audience. When they invite friends and family to visit, it reinforces our message that OKC is a destination location,” said Tabbi. “We have a great quality of life here.”

    The “OKC-ing is Believing” campaign has been successful nationally as well with write-ups in several travel and meeting planner magazines, newspapers and travel websites. For Oklahoma City, the future's so bright, they gotta' wear shades!

  • Jumping back into school

    As the dog days of summer draw to an end, kids across the country are dragging themselves back to school only to find they aren’t as sharp as they were when school let out in May. Not the 1,300 kids across central Oklahoma who attended the YMCA's Summer Camp Program!

    “When the kids leave school, they suffer from summer learning loss,” says Candice Hillenbrand, Associate Director of Financial Development for the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City. “Our goal was to keep them reading daily all summer long and to make sure they were getting plenty of exercise… and to make it fun!”

     YMCA Summer Camp

    The YMCA challenged their summer camp kids and families to be a part of the Sugar-Free Summer Program. The program encouraged kids to read, exercise and drink adequate amounts of water while at the summer camps. “Every child had the opportunity to participate,” Candice said. “They signed a pledge at the beginning of summer and then received an official postcard in the mail.”

    The campers worked with the counselors on math skills and nutrition lessons as well as group activities that kept them on track. As the groups reached specific benchmarks, they were given rewards like jump ropesbookmarks and backpacks featuring the YMCA logo. And, at the end of the program, the campers received a YMCA dog tag.

    “We’ve seen how the kids love these simple things,” said Candice, “and it helps to encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It’s a small part of a bigger picture for the Y.”

    The YMCA plays an important role in helping kids and parents think about exercise, reading and interpersonal skills. The SwagExperts at ROBYN are proud to play a part in finding creative ways for the YMCA to reinforce their fantastic brand.

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