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  • A Smarketer's Guide to Selecting the Right Swag for Your Company Store

    Smart marketers (aka Smarketers) like to have a plan for success when they launch a new program. With the goals in sight, they are able to backtrack and identify the steps that will lead them to the their destination. At ROBYN, we take this same approach to helping clients select the best combination of promotional products for their online company store.

  • Return of the Elephant (ears)

    Henry Mancini may be the genius behind the song “Baby Elephant Walk”, but it’s the marketing genies at the Oklahoma City Zoo who are going to send 5,000 “baby elephants” walking happily through their gates next week. The zoo is celebrating the “Return of the Elephants” by giving the first 500 kids through the gate each day a free pair of “elephant ears” (March 11th – 20th… Spring Break!). Co-sponsored by Caesars Pizza, the ears were a collaborative effort between the zoo’s marketing team (pictur...